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* Craft  *Garden * Cook *
* Smile * Laugh * Love * Enjoy*

Tools have always appealed to me. I had one Grandpa who was a mechanic and one who built houses so both, had many tools and even paint for me to get into at a young age.
I fixed things that I didn't want to tattle on myself for breaking. I built a time machine with my little brother. I spray painted my small table to suit my new decor when I was going through my grunge phase... Well, I guess that wasn't much of a phase. lol School introduced me into sewing and cooking through Home Economics...
My love of crafting has only grown with my age. The more I learn can be done, the more I want to do!
I am a Mother of 5 with one on the way and have learned no matter how old you are or how long you have been doing something, etc.. there is always something new to learn.. and more than one way to skin a cat.. so to speak. :/ So, comment if you notice something, know something or just wanna, but be considerate, please and thank you. ;)
pEaCe anD lOVe,